Virtuous steps for Made in Italy

“MAIMAI” is the affirmation of a substantial negation, indicative of impossibility, which, welcomed by the brand as a challenge, is an invitation to believe in yourself and to dream.

The Brand and its history

Maimai was founded in 2012 as a spin off project of one of the most prominent Italian sneakers manufacturers.

The Brand was created out of the grand knowledge of shoemaking, the superb flavor of Made in Italy, the willingness to express and communicate the essentials of a strong identity. Fresh and new, smooth, unrestricted, combining the global life style with the local culture, the one of Salento, the wonderful land in Southern Italy where it was born.

MAIMAI Sneakers

A short circuit between comfort and street style, an infusion of fashion into daily routine. A new world where sneakers go beyond the line of street fashion and become a new casual. An easy gate to fashion.

Trendy colours, materials combinations, volumes and proportion, the Italian way as the world recognize it. Maimai collections are a mirror for our fluid world, for the cultural mix and match, for all those ingredients that made continuous changing the only reliable rule of our contemporary living.

Maimai stands for liberty, that authentic freedom to express belonging to any given identity instead of silently follow the mass communication standards.


MAIMAI was born in the wonderful land of Salento. Its colors, perfumes, shapes and art are at the base of the inspiration for each collection, even the name itself is. The attachment to the land and the aim to protect it bring the company to care a lot about environmental issues.

Environment protection and people safeguard are among the fundamental values of MAIMAI.

What do we do to sustain our principles?

All our shoes are made exclusively with sun power. Our shoe factory produces autonomously the electric power needed thanks to its photovoltaic system. The energy produced in excess is released on the national network so everyone can use energy produced thanks to clean sources. Since its creation, 5,3 tons of CO2 have been avoided.

The gardens in our HQ are full of local flowers and plants, contributing to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere and giving happiness with its colors to the lunch-breaks of our 100 employees, especially during spring-time, when everybody can enjoy its meal sitting on the grass.

Eco-sustainable materials

Conscious that fashion industry is the second most polluting all over the world, we strongly fight to reduce the impact generated by materials and procedures used to realize our products. Water base instead of chemical base glues, leather with natural tanning and procedures aiming to reduce the waste are at the base of our activity.

Moreover, our laboratories constantly work for the adoption of eco-sustainable materials such as threads coming from naturaI fibers, outsoles made by recycled materials and leather from recycled fibers.

In order to reduce waste impact and to sustain recycling policies, MAIMAI implemented an important recycling plan all over the company. In particular, to avoid plastic waste, each employee is given a branded steel bottle, realized in collaboration with Chilly’s.

The packaging is important as well!

Our boxes are made by recycled paper and colored with water base paint. The gifted travel sack for your shoes is made by cotton natural fibers, certified with BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) and created thanks to an ethical and sustainable supply chain, as established by GOTS principles (Global Organic textile Standards).

The attention we reserve to the people of our wonderful land is not even less! Environment protection and people safeguard are among the fundamental values of MAIMAI.

The Politecnico of Made in Italy

MAIMAI is founder and partner of a school called Politecnico del Made in Italy, specialized in training managerial and technical figures in the fashion industry. It has been an important development driver in Salento, which today is the first European district in terms of luxury sneaker production and reference point for what concern the apparel in the same market segment.

Furthermore, MAIMAI created a training academy inside the company where the artisans working to produce our shoes are constantly trained and updated.

We love our planet and our people and we can shape a better future together!


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