Patchwork Ivory Gold: the most delicate spring sneakers

There is something irresistible about the gold-ivory combination. It’s not blatantly bright like the white & gold mix. It is warmer, delicate, sophisticated, pervaded by a vaguely shabby, absolutely chic allure. And it exudes a discreet elegance, even when sneakers are tinged with this combo of nuances, footwear usually classified as a sporty or casual accessory in its less performing versions. In the hands of MAIMAI‘s craftsmen, instead, even a pair of sneakers is capable of transforming itself into a perfect ally for the most varied outfits. The Patchwork Ivory Gold are the iconic shoes of the Salento company, which has always been inspired by the enchantment and energy that the nature in which it is immersed transmits.


The patchwork shoe that mixes different materials

The classic mix that distinguishes the production relies on the union of different top quality materials which, strong in their differences, instead of originating dissonances create a unique harmony, pleasant to observe and (even more) to wear. The nuances of ivory and pearl mix, almost merging, with champagne gold and yellow gold. Smooth leather joins suede and laminated leather. The sole in extralight eva with the unmistakable diamond imprint made in Maimai joins each lug and guarantees a unique grip. The gentle colors of dawn seem to give off a soft light: perhaps because the Patchwork Ivory Gold sneakers are born thanks to the light of the sun (the shoe factory in which they are conceived independently produces the electricity it needs thanks to its photovoltaic system). Finally, they reach the feet of those who choose them with 100% sustainable packaging.


That’s why they are the essential passe-partout for the new upcoming season: they are worn every day, under those natural and minimal looks that steal the shades from sand and earth, under crochet dresses, pleated veil skirts and cargo pants. And even under the ivory wedding dresses when – after the ceremony – the spring brides abandon their heels and put on Maimai slip-ons, to stroll carefree in budding gardens or go wild in dances full of joy (and style).

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